Facelift Massage: An all natural massage using techniques that tighten and strengthen sagging skin and muscles. Reduces fluid retention and sculptures a more beautiful face and expression.

St. John Method Neuro Muscular Therapy: Manual manipulation techniques used relieve tension & pain caused by soft tissue imbalances, scar tissue trigger points, & connective tissue strain. Treatment of choice for back, neck, hip, & shoulder pain.

Sports Massage: Sports Massage techniques geared to specific sports of fitness demands, resulting in the benefits such as increased blood & lymph circulation resulting in faster recovery, increased range of motion resulting in less resistance to movement & less energy expenditure & less injury. Ed was a sports massage coordinator for FSMTA for 4 years & sports massage therapist of the year for Florida in 2000.

Chinese Foot and Ear Reflexology: Ancient system for promoting health and reversing disease. Targets reflex points that correspond to areas of the body via the energy meridians.

Chinese Cupping: Chinese treatment of choice for strains and sprains. The instrument is very effective for relieving pain, reducing swelling, decreasing blood pressure, decreasing blood fat, stopping diarrhea, and preventing cancer cell from proliferation.

Thailand Massage: Over 2,500 years old combines acupressure (over 5,000 years old) with passive ancient yoga stretches to balance meridian systems, organs, and free energy blockages to re-establish overall health. Treatment of choice for overall health & wellness. Very beneficial for all conditions. Ed started Thai massage in 2005 and takes regular advanced trainings.

Cranial Sacral Therapy (Upledger Tech): Treatment of choice for sinus conditions, headaches, migraines, & balance disorders. Also benificial with chronic pain, brain, & spinal cord injuries such as whiplash. Cranial Sacral therapy assess traction & mobilization scar tissue restrictions & soft tissue traumas.

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